What Our Electricians Can Do for You

Female Electrician

At Blair Installations all of our electricians are highly trained skilled professionals, many of whom have years of experience behind them. This means that our team are well equipped with the knowledge that they need to carry all of your electrical work requirements, whether you’re an individual home owner, or a large corporation with multiple buildings. For some of our more domestic customers we find that some people are uncertain about what specific jobs our electricians can carry out, so to remove some of the mystery that can surround a Blair Installations electrician we’ve compiled some facts about what our electricians do day to day, and what they can do for you.

The Basics of Blair Installations

All of our electricians are required to carry out these tasks at some point or another, making these tasks the basics of what our electricians do. When required our electricians are responsible for the planning of any electrical work that is carried out on a single project, this can involve working out the layout, design and schedule of an installation. Our engineers can also design and install new electrical components, as well as repairing and maintaining existing electrical infrastructures. As part of our maintenance work we can inspect existing electrical systems and equipment, right down to individual components to ensure that relevant safeguards against hazards and if necessary compliance with specific codes are being adhered to.

The Attributes our Electricians Possess

One of the things that you will notice about our electricians is that they meet a certain list of criteria. Generally speaking all of our electricians are in good physical condition, as being an electrician can be a physically demanding task at times, and on any given day they may need to climb, crawl and generally fit themselves into a wide array of different spaces, some of which can be small, cramped or uncomfortable. They also need to use their physical fitness to carry, push or pull all sorts of different objects, meaning that there are a lot of demands on them Ammeterphysically. All of our electricians have an element of Sherlock Holmes about them, which when you think about it is elementary really, as every one of our electricians needs to be an expert problem solver. Whether they’re solving a problem with a malfunctioning CCTV system or trying to figure out why somebody’s household electrical wiring keeps shorting out their fuse board, our electricians are great at finding faults and fixing them swiftly and effectively. Our electricians need to have an eye for the aesthetic as well, and whilst they don’t need to be master decorators, when working on older, sometimes listed buildings they need to keep in mind that their wiring and other electrical components need to be discreet, and this is true of almost every environment that they work in. For some older buildings this can mean refurbishing fire alarm systems as well as electrical wiring, systems and components, to bring everything in line with modern fire regulations.

In addition to these basic attributes, all of our electricians keep the preservation of electrical systems at the forefront of every project. This is evident through rigorous testing and maintenance which is carried out with effective planning and scheduling, and also in the way that they keep themselves up to date on new and existing techniques. All of our electricians follow the appropriate building codes during any of the work that they carry out, and it’s this combination of an existing skill set, coupled with continued development that make Blair Installations electricians some of the best electricians not just in Portslade, or even just East Sussex, but across the UK and beyond.

Domestic Electrical Tasks our Electricians Offer

There’s a detailed list of all of the tasks that our electricians can carry out on our Domestic Electrical Services page, but here we’ll give you a brief overview of the kind of tasks our electricians can carry out. For our domestic clients we can provide a full design service for projects of all sizes, whether in the home or garden, and this can include work to new extensions and loft conversions. We can provide installation work for a variety of Fuse Boardelectrical items including new wiring, fuse boards, lighting (including new power saving LED lighting installations), fire alarm installations, network and telephone infrastructures, intruder alarms, CCTV and door entry systems and even digital TV aerials. To compliment these electrical installation services we offer maintenance and inspection services that can include testing of electrical systems and components where necessary. We can work with you to produce maintenance, testing and inspection schedules to ensure that any planned electrical work is carried out at a time that is convenient to you. Our electricians can perform maintenance work on a whole host of electrical systems and equipment including wiring, fuse boards, lighting systems, fire alarms, intruder alarms, CCTV systems and more.

Commercial Electrical Tasks our Electricians Offer

In addition to the tasks listed above our electricians can carry out a whole host of electrical tasks that are specific to commercial sectors as listed on our Commercial Electrical Services page. As with the domestic electrical projects that we carry out, all of our work conforms to the standards and regulations that are relevant to where we work and the electrical work that is being done. As we detailed in a previous article, we can Electrical Planningcarry out thermal imaging surveys that can assist in limiting down time and unplanned maintenance work. We can install low voltage electrical distribution networks and systems as well as general small power systems. In addition to traditional lighting installations we can provide emergency lighting installations that can work with a full building management system (BMS), or if a full BMS isn’t necessary we can install time and money saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. As with our domestic electrical services, we provide full maintenance, testing and inspection schedules and services. Please be aware that all of the services we provide are also made available to landlords as well.

With any electrical work that we do for you at Blair Installations, we’ll always discuss your requirements to ensure that we complete your project to a standard that you are satisfied with. If you’re unsure of any of the services that we provide, or if you want to discuss ideas for a project you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us using our online enquiry form, email us at reception@blairinstallations.co.uk, or call 01273 426826.