Top Reasons to Install a CCTV System.

Installing CCTV onto one’s home is on the rise, and there are many benefits to it. Wherever you live it can pay to install CCTV to safeguard your property and aid in prosecution against those who feel they can break the law. We look at the most common reasons for people looking to install CCTV on their property.


We might as well get the most obvious one out of the way. Burglars. A threat to any community and often a threat that goes undetected until it’s too late. Private residences across the country are installing professional grade CCTV systems to capture unwanted visitors that lurk in the night, looking for an opportunity to take what’s not theirs. With systems now becoming more affordable, and capture quality improving with the advent of ‘HD’ it has become easier and cheaper to capture would-be burglars in high quality details.

Decreases Insurance Premiums

It may seem obvious when it is mentioned, but insurance companies actually like you to have solid home security. By having a CCTV system installed you can reduce your insurance premiums, which probably relates to a statistic that would suggest having CCTV installed lowers your risk.


CCTV that is visible can often act as a deterrent before any criminal act is done. In fact, they’re so good as a deterrent that you can even buy dummy CCTV systems. So, chances are if you have CCTV system installed, the would-be thief will think twice and move on.

Peace of Mind

There is no better feeling than peace of mind. Although there are lots of reasons why you’d want CCTV installed, it all boils down to simple peace of mind. Knowing that you can safely relax in your home without ever having to worry about security is not to be underrated. Not only that, it can also give your neighbours peace of mind knowing that friendly neighbours are keeping a eagle’s eye on things.

Easy to Install

Modern systems are very easy install, and are available from major electronic retailers. A lot of them work over your home’s wireless system and save the data to a central box, and because the cameras are usually compact, they’re not too unsightly too.

Do You Need CCTV Installed?

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