Stay Safe with Commercial Electrical Test and Inspections

Test and Inspection

With years of experience behind us as electrical contractors in Portslade; at Blair Installations we know the importance of regular testing and inspection of your electrical equipment, whether you’re located in Brighton, Worthing, or anywhere else in the UK. Beyond ensuring that the electrical equipment and infrastructure that is vital to your daily operations is working and always available, periodic testing and inspections ensure that your electrical equipment is safe for use. Aside from keeping the employees of your business safe, the cost saving benefits of these regular checks are clear; by reducing the risk of costly down time impacting your ability to work, and avoiding the impact that an injury can have on your productivity you increase the profitability of your organisation. In this article we’ll look at why electrical testing and inspections are so important.

Why You Need Routine Inspection and Testing

Testing Schedule
Regular testing and inspections of your electrical infrastructure ensures that a whole host of the many factors that can lead to critical failures are highlighted before they become an issue. Factors such as general wear and tear, corrosion and damage, potential overloading of components, ageing and environmental influences can be detected during an inspection or test, and by implementing expedient maintenance can be avoided. It might seem obvious to point out, but electrical installations come with a whole host of dangers to your employees that whilst preventable, without the proper care and attention can occur, and as a business the health and safety of your employees is your responsibility.

There exist swathes of legislation that are specific to the numerous industries and sectors that utilise electrical equipment on a daily basis, and every type of business, from offices through to factories, will have a different legal requirements that will need to be fulfilled to ensure that an electrical infrastructure is safe and fit for use. Keep in mind that landlords and employers are held accountable for the safety of the occupants within their property. Some organisations such as insurance companies and mortgage lenders require electrical inspections and testing is carried out at regular intervals, as do many other types of business.

How Often You Require Testing and Inspections

Every industry and sector can have differing rules and regulations on how frequently electrical inspection or testing work needs to be carried out, but generally speaking the following timetable is applicable to the listed building types and similar businesses:

  • Commercial Properties – 10 Years
  • Educational Properties – 5 Years
  • Hospitals – 5 Years
  • Industrial Properties – 5 Years
  • Residential Properties – 5 Years
  • Offices Buildings – 5 Years
  • Retail Shops – 5 Years
  • Restaurants and Hotels – 5 Years
  • Public Houses – 5 Years
  • Leisure Complexes – 3 Years
    (excluding swimming pools)
  • Theatres – 3 Years
  • Agricultural or Horticultural Properties – 3 Years

The Benefits

Benefits of Electrical Testing
Whilst it might seem imposing to have a legal obligation to have regular tests and inspections carried out on your electrical equipment, there is a benefit to you as a company to have them done. By carrying out regular tests and inspection of your electrical infrastructure you’ll be actively improving the safety of your organisation, and you’ll be able to clearly demonstrate to your employees that you’re taking steps to protect them from the risk of electrical shock. We’ve already touched on the financial benefits that testing and inspections can have on your business by reducing the risk of potential downtime, but you’ll also be protecting your property from potential fire and heat damage that can be caused by defective equipment. As part of the electrical testing and inspection service that our electrical contractors at Blair Installations carry out, we’ll provide you with an assessment of your electrical infrastructure that will give you the peace of mind that every electrical component that we check, whether we installed it or not, is not damaged or has deteriorated in any way that will make it a health and safety risk, or cause the equipment to be non-compliant with any relevant regulations.

In addition to this regular scheduled checks of your electrical infrastructure, regular testing and inspections will highlight any issues such as electrical circuits or equipment that may be overloaded, we can also find any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards, highlight any lack of earthing or bonding of cabling or equipment and ensure adequate circuit protection is in place. We can also carry out a visual inspection of your electrical installation, check the continuity of earth conductors and ring circuits, as well as ensure that the correct polarity has been implemented across your infrastructure, check the insulation resistance of conductors, carry out testing of Residual Current Devices (RCDs) to ensure that they will trip at the correct time and current rating, as well as perform testing of functional switching and isolation to ensure switches are functioning correctly.

What We Can Do For You

With years of experience behind us and a highly skilled team of electricians at the ready; we feel confident in saying that we’re experts when it comes to electrical testing and inspections at Blair Installations. As electrical contractors we are supported by a membership to the NICEIC and the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), and we’re fully approved under Part P of the Building Regulations. We don’t just hold membership of these bodies to be able to brag that we do, by being members we ensure that we can provide you with the assurance that all of the electrical work that we carry out will be done so to the highest possible standards. At Blair Installations all of our engineers are fully qualified and NICEIC approved, and as such we have the capacity to provide you with certification for electrical installations, minor electrical installation work, emergency lighting completion, fire alarm completion, commissioning and periodic tests. We can also carry out inspection and testing services such as periodic inspections, home buyer electrical installation surveys, visual inspections, and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). We utilise the latest NICEIC and AMTECH Software to provide you with an accurate full colour report that will highlight any areas of concern. As part of our commitment to a high standard of work we’ll also work closely with you to assess potential areas of your electrical infrastructure that are in need of regular testing and inspections and work up a schedule that fits around your needs and requirements.

Our friendly team of electrical contractors are available to discuss your electrical testing and inspection requirements, and we can even provide you with an initial survey of your premises. Rest assured that our team will work closely with you to develop a schedule that minimises disruption and downtime to your business. If you would like to find out more about the testing and inspection services that we offer at Blair Installations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. You can easily contact us through our online contact form, or alternatively you can either send an email to or call us on 01273 426826.