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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems are one of the most vital protection features within your property, and with both Hard Wired & Wireless Systems available, there is no excuse for your home to go unprotected.

At Blair Installations we know that it’s vital to keep your home, the people who live there and of course yourself safe. Fire alarm installation and maintenance is an essential part of staying safe in your home, and with this in mind we can provide you with a variety of options for fire safety including fire alarm and detection systems as well as emergency lighting systems if needed. We ensure that the fire safety systems that we install are well suited to your building and provide you with a fire detection system that gives you piece of mind.

Choosing the right fire alarm

Fire Alarm Installation Sussex

There is a huge choice of fire alarm systems available to you, and we’re confident that we can recommend and install the one that is right for you and your home. We can provide you with a range of different fire alarms and detection devices to help protect you and your home in the unfortunate event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak, and with our vast experience and expertise we can provide you with a hassle free fire alarm installation service. Most fire alarm systems can be installed with fire proofed cabling, and there are options available for wireless fire alarm systems if you want to install a new fire alarm system without having to worry about disturbing the aesthetics of your home.

At Blair Installations we ensure that all fire alarms that we install adhere to any relevant regulations, and we will advise you on these if they are pertinent to you. We can also provide you with a testing and inspection schedule, as well as putting a plan for maintenance in place for you, which as with other electrical systems within your home we highly recommend to ensure that the operation of your fire alarm system is reliable.

Fire Alarm Installation Sussex - and much more

In addition to carbon monoxide and fire alarm system installations, testing and maintenance we also offer a wide range of domestic electrical services at Blair Installations, including everything from the initial design stage through to completion of your project. We can provide you with the following services:

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