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Computer network cabling & telephone services are more popular than ever. Our qualified technicians are experienced in domestic computer cable installation and modification.

The world of communications has moved forwards at a startling speed and sometimes it can seem impossible to keep up. At Blair Installations we completely understand, and whether you are fully clued up with the latest in technology or if you just need internet access and a phone that works without having to worry about the technical details, we can help.

Network cabling conforms to a number of different standards, and we will work with you to ensure that you have the cabling that best suits the needs of your household. The most common network cabling is category 5 (CAT-5), category 5e (CAT-5e), category 6 (CAT-6), as well as fibre optic cabling.

CAT-5 and CAT-5e cabling is often referred to as Ethernet cable and it’s likely that you have come across this type of cabling either in your own home or in your place of work. CAT-5 can handle frequencies of up to 100 MHZ, which put simply means that it can provide you with fast Ethernet levels of speed, as well as handle your telephone calls and the majority of services that the average user needs. CAT-5e (here the “e” stands for enhanced) cabling was designed with Gigabit Ethernet in mind, and this is where your internet is capable of reaching you at a gigabit per second. CAT-5 cabling can be installed to a maximum length of 100 meters, although this can be extended using specialist hardware. CAT-6 cabling builds on what CAT-5 cabling can do and can handle frequencies of up to 250 MHZ. In addition to this CAT-6 provides you with a better level of future proofing than CAT-5 does.

At Blair Installations we want to provide you with electrical services that are right for you, so don’t worry if this all seems to be quite technical, as part of the service that we provide we’ll work closely with you to help assess your needs and provide you with the installation that best suits your home, and as with all of our domestic electrical services that we offer at Blair Installations we can work with you to provide you with follow up testing and maintenance services to make sure that your home network and phone cabling continues to run smoothly long after installation.

In addition to our computer network cabling and telephone services we also offer a wide range of domestic electrical services at Blair Installations, including everything from the initial design stage through to completion of your project. We can provide you with the following services:

If you have any projects coming up that would benefit from our computer network cabling and telephone services, please don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with us. You can easily contact us by using our online contact form, by sending an email to reception@blairinstallations.co.uk or by calling us on 01273 426826 where a friendly member of the team will be happy to help.

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