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Over the last 22 years of experience as electrical contractors in East Sussex, we have established a reputation of putting professional safety first, coupled with the ethos that every customer counts.

Consistent performance has been the key to our success and has put us in demand for domestic and commercial schemes. Our contracts range from small day to day jobs for our Electricians in Brighton, to large fast track contracts serving all business sectors. SAFETY & SERVICE are key to everything we do. We LISTEN, ANALYSE and RESPOND with solutions that show we UNDERSTAND your needs and budget. Our excellent track record in time and cost management includes regular updates as work progresses. If we’re involved early enough in the PLANNING of projects, we can also potentially provide alternative options that can improve EFFICIENCY.

We work tirelessly within the company and with our suppliers to achieve the best outcomes.

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Service & Safety are uppermost in everything Blair's electrical engineers do. We listen analyse & respond with solutions that totally fulfill your needs and budget.

Our excellent track record in time and cost management includes regular updates as work progresses.

If involved early enough in the planning stage, we are also able to provide options that will improve efficiency.

Our Approach
We pride ourselves on getting the job done on time and on budget, because ultimately, that’s how we’ll be judged.
Our Performance



Ultimately we are judged on how well we work to budget and schedule. On many occasions, due to our early involvement in the design stage of a project, we have been able to provide various options that can reduce overall spending and installation times on Electrical Contracts, allowing greater flexibility for our clients.

We use competent, well trained and qualified staff and sub contractors that adhere to industry approved standards, and we regularly monitor and review our performance to ensure that we are complying with the relevant legislation and approved codes of practice.



We are proud of our reputation as professional electrical contractors in Sussex, and take a pro-active approach with every electrical contract that we undertake, whether a small local job or a much larger project. We always use forward thinking and talk about solutions never problems, and our project managers have a wealth of experience and give emphasis to providing the right results to ensure client satisfaction.

It is Blair Installations' and its employees' policy that we provide the customer with a service of the highest quality that complies with all their needs and contractual requirements.



Our reputation spreads across the globe! Did you know that we regularly carry out major projects in Central, Eastern Europe, and South America!?

We work in Europe

We make things happen by forming a strong relationship with all our clients which leads to a better all round understanding of their needs.

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